The college has opted for the Semester System. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Viz. Odd semester and Even semester. The Odd semester extends from June to November and the Even semester from November to April. Each semester shall have a minimum of 90 effective working days in the case of Day College and 110 in the case of Evening Section.

Continuous Internal Assessment (C.I.A):

    Continuous Internal Assessment extends over the whole period of a semester. During this period the teachers evaluate the performance of the students and award marks in each paper. For CIA and End Semester Examination (ESE) in each paper, 30% and 70% marks are allotted respectively for UG courses and 40% and 60% in the case of PG courses.

    The components of the CIA include Attendance (10%), Assignments (20%), Tests (60%), and Seminar (10%). The figures in parenthesis indicate the allotment of marks for each component.


    A student has to put in a minimum of 75% attendance in each paper in order to appear for the ESE in that paper. Those who earn 75Â?% and above are awarded marks based on the percentage. Attendance earned by a student in each paper is notified twice in a semester. When a student puts in 60 to 74% attendance he will be permitted to sit for the supplementary examinations after duly paying the Condonation fee. If the attendance is from 50 to 59 percent in a paper the student can take the examination of that paper in the corresponding odd or even semester supplementary examination during the next academic year only. When the attendance is below 50% the student has to redo that course to secure the minimum attendance (75%) required. This can be done after completing the tenure of study.


% of Attendance Marks
0 - 74 0
75 5
76 - 80 6
81 - 85 7
86 - 90 8
91 - 95 9
 96 - 100 10


    A student has to submit three assignments in each paper in a semester before the due dates given in the college calendar. The assignments are valued and returned to the students with the teachers' remarks within a week after submission.



    Two CIA tests are conducted in each paper, the dates of which are mentioned in the college calendar. The time table, syllabus, pattern of question paper are announced well in advance and the staff-in-charge will assess the performance.

    The consolidated CIA marks for each paper is reduced to 30 percent for UG and 40 percent for PG and published on the specified date before ESE.


End Semester Examinations(ESE):

    At the end of each semester ESE are conducted, during November and April and are called Odd semester and Even semester examinations respectively.

Supplementary Examinations:

    After each ESE, Semester Supplementary Examinations (SSE) are conducted in about THREE WEEKS from the date of publication of results, with a view to help the students who could not get through the ESE. These examinations are held during January and June every year. Successful candidates of the SSE can join the main stream and pursue higher studies without wasting a year.