Controller of Examinations


Circular : Retotalling and Revaluation for ODD Semester 2020 click here

Circular : Semester Supplementary Exam payment details click here

Circular : Last Date for applying semester supplementary exam - ODD/Even 2021 click here


Mr. C.S. Iyappan

Controller Of Examinations
Co-Ordinating Members
Dr. G. Karthikeyan - Asst. COE
Dr. S.Sugunakala- Asst. COE
Mrs. R. Revathi - Lab. Assistant
Mr. K. Sivakumar - Lab. Assistant
Mr.S. MuthuKrishnan - Lab. Assistant
Mrs. K. Subha - Lab. Assistant
Mrs. R. Amutha - Lab. Assistant
Mr. K. Ramgobal - Jr. Assistant
Mr. T. Madhavan- Office Assistant

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