The Fine Arts Association of A.V.CCollege (Autonomous), is known for its historical track of contributory talent for more than six decades. Thisassociation exists to give the students an artistic outlet and ambient exposure, so as to help the talented students to enrich and foster an interest for personal expression through arts and professional extravagance through skill sets.The students of the Fine Arts Association is of a proven profile that everything you can imagine is real and everything that you see around and express is rewarding.

The Fine Arts Association provides an opportunity to the students to let their imagination run wild and paves the way with the sight to see things in a diversified outlook. Talents are inborn, exhibited by group’s team work and share their prowess in different aspects, genres and spheres of art.It offers a wide range of arts and cultural activities, as the body encompasses the following objectives,

    Ø Encourage the talents and develop them into performance

    Ø Provide the apt platform to showcase their talents in various genres such as dancing, singing, acting, drawings, etc.

    Ø Organize various competitions and celebrations.

    Ø Participate at different District, State, National,Inter University &Inter-Collegiatecompetitions.

The Fine Arts Association has a structure of an amazing students, elected fine arts secretaries participate from variousdepartments.The Fine Arts Association includes artistic students who shine and sparkle in all forms of dance such as classical, folk and other conventional items; singing talents who are rocking in classical and traditional genres.Students born with skills of doing silambametc, are additives to the arts club. Artists of awesomeness also rock in percussion, non-percussion (Instrumental playing), mimicry, monoacting, streetplays, mimes, face painting, rangoli, oil painting, clay modelling, collage creating, etc. The histrionic talents of the college’s historically hit Fine Arts Associationhas participated in humpty number of events. As stated, the astonishing alumni of our Association are in Cinema industry, Mass media as Directors, Lyricists, Artists and Theatre Icons. The chronological contributions of yesteryears are in news and memories and the Fine Arts Association still lingers with sustained and skilled contributions round the year at all levels by scoring overall championships. Vocal singing competition held at diversified levels rendered rewards to our scintillating skilled performers.Adding feathers to this fantabulous field records, our talents has been bagged with overall championships at AVVM Sri Pushpam College, Poondi, Cultural competition “Pushpamala2018”, Kaviri College of Fine Arts Intercollegiate Cultural competition 2017-18 runner-up, the notable Shishyos Literacy and Fine arts Championship2019 hosted by SrimadAndavar College, Tiruchirapalli. Our student participants continuously scored ahattrick at JCIorganizedIntercollegiateCultural competitions in PRIME College of Architecture at Nagapattinam in the year of 2017-2019, also the club hits again the hattrick by winning overall championship `at Intercollegiatecultural competition hosted by Govt. Women’s College, Kumbakonam2017 - 2019.Our Fine Arts students won overall championship `at DharmapuramGnanambigai Govt. Arts College for Women, Golden Jubilee Inter Collegiate Cultural Competitions 2018. Top of all, the achievers won voluminous prices at BDU Festof Bharathidhasan University, Tiruchirapalli.


  1. Dr. R. Nagarajan – Fine Arts AssociationPresident Principal

  2. Dr. G. Amalan Robert – Vice President Asst. Professor in Botany

  3. Dr. K. Kalidoss – Director Asst. Professor in Commerce

  4. Dr. S. Saranyadevi – Directress Asst. Professor in Economics

  5. Dr. S. Ramesh – Director Asst. Professor in Tamil

  6. Mr. S.Vimalraj – Director Asst. Professor in Tamil

  7. Mr. R. Aadheethya (U166101) III-B.Com –Fine Arts AssociationSecretary (2018-19)

  8. Mr. S. Kubendran (U162114) III-B.Sc., Botany –Fine Arts AssociationJoint Secretary (2018-19).